Too often, pharmacies do not take the time to fully research all possible coverage available to their patients, leaving an unnecessarily large bill. At Irmat, after your doctor sends through your prescription, we engage in a swift and comprehensive due diligence period to ensure that each of our patients pay as little as possible out-of-pocket.

Whether you reside near our Park Avenue South location in New York City or reside in another state we serve, Irmat will deliver your prescriptions to your home at no charge.*

* Irmat Pharmacy will only ship to the states we serve.

Irmat is committed to transparency throughout the fulfillment process. We hold our partners and ourselves to the highest possible professional standards to protect our patients. Our pharmaceutical supply chain, outbound delivery system to patients, and in-store prescriptions is best-in-class. We never take our roles lightly so that our patients never have to worry.

The fulfillment process can be complex, with patients, doctors, medical offices, layers of insurance providers, and the pharmacy all involved in the successful delivery of high-end dermatological prescriptions. Irmat positions itself at the center of this difficult-to-navigate process, making sure that communication is as efficient as possible.

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